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Arizona Forward Committees meet once a month to address important sustainability issues related to the state.  Members, guest speakers and topic experts share their knowledge, develop strategies and create action plans to collectively make a large-scale impact on quality of life in Arizona.

Statewide Sustainability Road Map 

This committee reviews and discusses Arizona’s overall sustainability position aligned with Sustainable Development Goals that are segmented into 26 components of sustainability such as air quality, forest health, water restoration and waste reduction.

The committee is working on a comprehensive road map that will bring stakeholders together toward one sustainable goal to benefit the state.

Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month. 

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 Mark Hartman
 City of Phoenix 

 Committee Chair

 Kelly Saunders
 Arizona State University
 Committee Co-Chair

Healthy Communities 

The places we live, work, learn and play should strengthen sustainability, reduce health disparities, improve quality of life and enhance well-being. Through on-the-ground projects, advocacy, and education, this committee works to advance place-making, healthy living, community-building and sustainable economic growth of the natural environment throughout Arizona.

Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month.

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 Trevor Root
 Committee Chair

 Odette Bakker
 City of Phoenix
 Committee Co-Chair

Water Strategies

A long-term, reliable water supply is critical to the economic vitality and sustainability of every Arizona community. The water committee convenes community-wide discussions, evaluates policies and plans, promotes research and builds support and awareness for sustainable strategies for our state's most precious resource.

Meetings take place on the second Thursday of every month.

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 Jake Lenderking 
 Global Water Resources           
 Committee Chair

 Rob Anderson
 Fennemore Craig, P.C.
 Committee Co-Chair

Mobility and Clean Air Solutions

Clean transportation solutions, mass transit and alternative transportation options are essential for Arizona, reducing greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions, lessening impacts of land use and increasing community connectivity and livability. This committee examines issues and opportunities in transportation, convenes public-private dialogue, makes legislative and policy suggestions and advocates for modernization of Arizona’s transportation methods and infrastructure.

Meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month.

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 Lauren Evans
 Pinyon Environmental Inc.
 Committee Chair

 Jennifer Pyne
 Valley Metro
 Committee Co-Chair

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