Arizona Forward Contributors

Arizona Forward would like to extend our gratitude to those individuals listed below who contributed to our Endowment and/or Annual Giving Program in 2014. Click here to see who donated funds in 2013.

President's Club 

Steve Anderson
Bill Auberle
Jan Cervelli
Jeanne Forbis
Kyle Hultquist
Laurel Kimball
Steve Krum
Dan Litteral
Penny Pfaelzer
Heidi Short
Steve Zastrow


Sustainable Future Endowment

William Allison
Tony Banegas 
Larry Eisel 
Doug Von Gausig 
Liz Grobsmith 
Iain Hamp 
Jay Hicks 
Kathy Roediger 
Christopher Schmaltz
Marty Schultz
Ginger Spencer 
Kurt Wadlington






Annual Giving Program

William Cobb
Patrick Graham
Scott Harczynski
Stephanie Healy
Jan Lorant
Michelle Olson 
Lori Singleton 
David Skinner

Annual Giving Contributions

Kimberly Carson
Christine Cody
Carlos Contreras
Cherie Rankin