Water Management

It's our lifeline to sustainability and growth. Yet there may be more controversy over it than any other issue facing our state. Water has moved to the top of our public policy agenda.

However, information varies considerably about water supply, Arizona's drought, the water rights settlement and conservation issues. Even those in the business of water management don't always deliver a consistent message.

Arizona Forward's Water Committee serves as an advocate of conservation and provides education and support for new water technologies, such as gray water reuse, water harvesting designs, cisterns, etc.


3/3 CAP: Managing Change on the Colorado River 

5/5 AIA: Desert Architecture and Inspiration: The Tectonics of Water Consciousness


  • Long-range water planning should be an integral part of the municipal planning effort and routinely updated to increase livability and sustainability.

  • Local water providers should preferentially utilize renewable water supplies and minimize groundwater overdraft.

  • Local providers should ensure that water users are consistently delivered quality water.

  • Local water providers should develop sound policy and adequately fund efforts such as drought management, water conservation, aesthetics, habitat and recreational opportunities.

  • Local water providers should promote/fund water education programs in the communities they serve.

  • Arizona's cities and towns served by a private or public water utility have a responsibility to their residents to work closely with the utility to fully understand the water system, policy and future water management issues.